Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from the other Realtors?
Most real estate salespeople lack the digital marketing tools, skill, and marketing budget you need to get your home sold for the highest price in the shortest time.

Consequently, most real estate salespeople still engage in what I call “HOPE Marketing” which means they will set a price for your home that you tell them you “HOPE” to get. Then they will take some pictures with their cell phones, enter them in the MLS system, put a sign in your yard, and print some flyers. Maybe they’ll even make a few posts on social media or send out some just listed post cards to your neighbors and “HOPE” that makes you happy with the job they are doing.  

All along the way they “HOPE” another realtor will see the listing in the MLS and bring a buyer to make an offer. What’s even worse, if that does not work, they will hold an open house and “HOPE” to attract a buyer, but all an open house really attracts are nosey neighbors, bored looky-loos and thieves. When the open house fails, they will engage you in a price reduction campaign and “HOPE and PRAY” that a bargain hunter will buy your home before the listing expires.

“HOPE Marketing” is the B.S. (Bad Strategy) that tarnishes the reputation of the entire Real Estate profession. Quite frankly,
I am sick of it… And you should be sick of it too!

Which customers are you best suited to help?
I help baby boomers to sell homes that no longer fit the way they want to live and locate a new home and community that better suits their desire for the active and adventurous lifestyle they’ve worked so hard for and richly deserve.

How and why did you get into real estate?
I had a terrible experience as a first-time home buyer in the early 80’s. There was no buyer agency representation or basic homebuyer education of any kind, and virtually no loan pre-approval counselling. I felt that most realtors were only interested in writing offers to sell their office listings and to achieve their sales goals. They made assumptions, never asked important questions, and never steered me away from common buyer mistakes. 

Without guidance and completely ignorant about the process, I tried—and failed—to purchase several homes before I finally had success. Through my own research, intelligent action, and pig-headed determination, I closed on my first home two years later. 

I wasted quite a bit of time looking at houses that I didn’t qualify for or fit the criteria that was important to my family.  The whole process was extremely frustrating.

When I stepped into real estate in 1994, I was determined to do things differently. Buying or selling a home is one of the most important transactions people will make in their lifetimes, and it marks a time of great change. I didn’t want people to deal with what I had to go through. I wanted to make the process as easy, fun, and worry-free as possible.

I’ve had a negative experience in the past.  Please tell me how you will keep me informed about the process and how often I’ll get those updates.
The biggest complaint we hear from home sellers is that they don’t get timely updates during the listing and under contract stages of their transaction. That’s why we created “The Seller’s Road Map”, so you’ll know exactly where you are on your journey to getting your home sold.

The Seller’s Road Map breaks the complex home selling process down into eight major steps that cover 182 specific details that my team manages for you to successfully close your real estate transaction. You’ll receive regularly scheduled updates from the moment your home goes on the market to handing over the keys on closing day, so you’ll know exactly what’s steps have been completed and what comes next.

With our exclusive Seller’s Road Map process, you’ll get weekly updates on the status of your transaction and be able to relax knowing every detail is covered without feeling out of touch.