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Carl Williams, Your Lifestyle Locator

How a 9 Year-old Paperboy Became Jacksonville's Lifestyle Locator 

Carl Williams’ crazy looking bicycle was the talk of the neighborhood, and for good reason.  At just 9 years old, Carl became the youngest newspaper delivery boy in his neighborhood.  He quickly invested some of his newspaper profits to buy a used commercial lawn mower and converted several of his best customers into lawn service customers, as well.  Then his ingenuity began to shine. His bicycle was equipped with a basket on the handlebars to hold his newspapers, a milk crate on the back to hold a gas can and hedge clippers, and a rope attached to tow his lawn mower.  Carl Williams was open for business.

Carl was born and raised in Jacksonville with his older sister. As a child, Carl had aspirations of being in the automobile business like his father. Never in a million years did he think he’d stumble into the real estate industry, but you can’t always predict where or when you’ll discover what you’re meant to do in life.

Carl’s flare for adventure and internal fortitude actually came from both parents. Carl's father was a WWII Navy Veteran and an automobile industry businessman. Carl and his dad spent a lot of time together working on muscle cars, building custom dune buggies, fishing, boating, and hunting, before his Dad’s untimely death at age 53. Carl was just nine at the time.  After his Dad’s passing, his mother, Nancy, conducted herself with grace, grit, and determination. She immediately picked up the pieces and went back to work at Southern Bell Telephone company. She never remarried, instead devoting her life to make sure Carl and his sister were properly educated, fed, clothed, supported, and loved.  Carl refers to his Mom as a true Marvel Superhero.

'...Carl Williams knows better than most how to live and appreciate each day to the fullest.  His deep understanding of this is actually one of the reasons he became a Realtor.'

Carl was taught at a young age that if you want something in life, you have to work for it. So that’s what he did. And he worked hard.The years that followed were both adventurous and wrought with challenges. Carl married into a family who was famous in the world of international swimming and sports coaching. Carl and his new bride were both athletes and became the third generation of owners of two wilderness adventure and sports camps located on a 1,300 mile chain of lakes in Northern Ontario, Canada.

These camps were specifically created to condition and cross-train aspiring Olympic athletes in a beautiful wilderness environment. Since 1920, Camp Chikopi for young men and Camp Ak-O-Mak for young women have become world renowned for producing over 50 Olympic medalists in swimming, water polo, canoeing, kayaking, and diving. More than 300 collegiate and world games champions have trained there.

During his time in Canada, Carl became a highly skilled wilderness guide and led Outward Bound canoe and fishing trips covering hundreds of miles in the Algonquin Provincial Park.  He has trained Iron Man Triathlon winners and swimmers who took on the challenge of the English Channel. But one of his most interesting adventures came about as he paddled a canoe as a lifeguard for two long distance swimmers who swam the length of Lake Ontario.

Indeed, there were adventures abound.  But with great joy, there is sometimes great sorrow.  During these otherwise incredible times, Carl’s first wife, Marci, received a kidney transplant as a result of the effects of juvenile diabetes. She did well for a number of years, but a rare illness later in life left her paralyzed for seven years before she succumbed to the disease in 1999.  Carl says he feels blessed to have been her best friend, devoted husband, and loving caregiver until the end.

Yes, Carl Williams knows better than most how to live and appreciate each day to the fullest.  His deep understanding of this is actually one of the reasons he became a Realtor. Today, he helps baby boomers sell their homes and locate new homes and communities that fit the active and adventurous Florida lifestyle.  That’s how he became known as Jacksonville’s Lifestyle Locator.  

Carl has been in real estate for 25 years now, and has been personally involved in over 2,500 transactions.  He has authored 4 books and multiple articles for home sellers and buyers, allowing his outreach to go beyond just the clients he deals with on a daily basis. He's served on the Board of Directors with both the Florida Association of REALTORS and the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS. Carl was also the Education Director for the Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS for three years, further showing his commitment to his profession.  

When he is not helping others locate their ultimate lifestyle, Carl spends time with his wife, Sally, taking on the abundant recreational activities to be found in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. These activities include exploring the State and National Parks around the country in their motorhome. Carl is an avid golfer, hiker, fly fisherman, and boater. In addition to this, he’s also a Jeep enthusiast and enjoys off road adventures in Moab, Utah and the Grand Canyon. Carl believes in living life to the fullest, doing what he loves, and being with the people he loves. As your Lifestyle Locator, his sincere goal is to be able to provide the same to you.